Our approach

We have found many small businesses have a human resource infrastructure when it is not necessary.  Most human resource functions can be undertaken by managers with some guidance from professionals.  However, it been our experience that many businesses are reluctant to involve professionals until the situation has deteriorated; when often all that was needed was some quick advice by phone to resolve or prevent the situation.

The retainer model for our services has been developed with these considerations in mind.  We provide our clients with instant advice, relevant to their specific business and then provide drafts of letters that can be used immediately.  Our clients pay a set amount each month, and that entitles them to assistance with all of their human resources and industrial relations issues.  The retainer is structured for each business and will generally cover everything from telephone advice, to the development of collective agreements, appearances before industrial tribunals, attendance at the workplace to assist with resolution of issues and negotiation with unions and government agencies such as the Workplace Ombudsman.

Parke Nelson does offer clients the traditional fee-for-service arrangements, where that better suits their needs.


Parke Nelson
Parke Nelson

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